Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cover of the new Catalog!!

It's so pretty!! Don't you think! 
Contact me (Jackie) if you would like your own copy!!
Can't wait til August 1st and you all can order from this wonderful catalog!!

Lots of new surprises to come! 
An updated new look to our catalog!
Over 60 new stamp sets and did you know that 40% are compatible with CTMH's Circut Cartridges!!
New CTMH Circut Cartridge "Artiste Collection" over 700 images!  A great complement to our must have Circut "Art Philosophy"
New markers, that are alcohol based!
New home decor items!
13 new (workshops on the go) kits: 2 card workshops, 3 home decor workshops, and 8 scrapbook workshops!!!
New How-To Magazine for only $7.95   WOW!!!
New stamp scrubber!
New embellishments (53) of them!
Cardstock available in 24 packs again!

And I'm sure I missed some, so join me for my open house to see lots of new things! August 4th from 11am til 3pm! You won't want to miss it, and your friends will thank you for bringing them too!!!
Jackie B.

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